Eureka Central Vaccum Cleaners

A Eureka central vacuum system is invented for the way you clean. It gives you the power you need to clean your entire home– your way.
By removing dirt, dust and allergy causing particles it also cleans the air your family breathes. A Eureka central vacuum system can be installed in new or existing homes with no remodeling, little to no disturbance to walls and virtually no mess.
The Eureka power unit is placed outside the main living areas, like a utility room or garage. The power unit is connected to a system of pipes placed between walls and beams, either during construction or fitted to your existing home. Wall outlets are strategically placed to reach every corner of your home. In most cases one can manage with two outlets. Plug the hose into a wall outlet and let the Eureka central vacuum do the work for you.

Zuum Z-Series

The most important part of vacuuming is what vacuuming removes – things that may harm you and your family. Most vacuums re-circulate dirt into the air. Eureka Zuum Z-Series power units produce worry-free, clean air.
Eureka Zuum Z-Series units come with a highly efficient Triumph filter and the option of a True HEPA attachment to purify air 99.97%. So you can have not only a sparkling clean home, but also reduce allergy suffering, minimize germs and protect your family.
Designed to keep small living areas free from dirt, dust and allergen contaminants.
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The Boss Series

By removing dirt, dust and allergy causing particles The Boss central vacuum also cleans the air your family breathes. The Boss units provide permanent self-cleaning maintenance-free Triumph HEPA filtration, along with the option to use ARM & HAMMER® vacuum bags that eliminate odours caused by mold, bacteria and fungi while capturing fine allergen size dust particles. As dirty air passes through the bag, ARM & HAMMER® baking soda crystals capture odor causing particles and change them into a non-odorus form, returning air to its natural, clean state. As with the Zuum by Eureka line of central vacuums, The Boss line also offers HE Motor Technology which provides long-lasting, high-performance and smart-designed products you can count on today and into the future.
  • The ultimate value!
  • This unit can handle floor plans up to 3,000 sq. ft
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